You have a brand, now update your content

Your Brand vs. The Brand She Tells You Not To Worry AboutYou defined a brand for yourself or your business. Great job! (If you haven’t, download our guide to creating your brand). Now it’s time to create content that reflects that brand. There are dozens of channels or touchpoints that can be used to communicate your brand – social media, interviews, blogs, logos, appearances, ads, customer service calls, face-to-face, etc. – here are a few ways to tell your brand story through content.

Social media bio

Tip: A bio is one of the first thing people see when following you, so it should say something about your brand. Don’t waste the space by saying “The official Twitter account of ____.” Use it to communicate something more.

Example: Ty Dillon is a NASCAR driver. But Ty, like all of us, is much more than his job. We helped develop his brand that’s built on family, his intense passion for sports and love of fishing, hunting and hiking. He made sure his bio reflects that.


Tip: Your website is often where you point people to learn more or make a purchase. You probably spend a lot of time, money and effort to drive people to your site, make sure it serves as a confirmation of the brand you promised.

Example: Google keeps it simple. They want to connect you to answers. Compare Google’s homepage to that of Yahoo or Bing. It’s crisper, cleaner and load more quickly so you can connect to the answers you want just a little bit faster.

Social media videos

Tip: Social video is like a well-built fire – hot now and it will burn for a while. Make sure your content calendar includes a good mix of video content. Don’t worry about the quality right away, you can use your smartphone or create short videos with a free tool like biteable easily.

Example: The Rock is the ultimate motivator. Spend any time on his Instagram and you’ll want to lift weights or sprint down the street. The videos he posts make sure you’re inspired.

As mentioned above, there are dozens of channels to share content that tells your brand story. If you have the right brand, but you’re not sure how to align your content, holler at

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