Why your business needs content marketing

Why your business needs content marketing.jpgBefore you can begin to think about whether or not your business should be utilizing content marketing, you must understand what content marketing really is. Good news for you, we wrote about this in a previous blog.

So, now that you know what content marketing is, it’s time to evaluate why your business needs it. The goals of your business will determine how big of a role content marketing should play in your overall marketing strategy. For example, are you looking for more brand awareness, trying to generate more sales leads or trying to establish your business in a crowded space? Content marketing can help with any of these scenarios. 

Let’s break it down.

Online Visibility

One common belief is that you can gain visibility by creating as much content and putting it anywhere you can. However, creating content without a plan doesn’t help you reach your end goal.

Content marketing helps you create and optimize the right kinds of content, to boost your presence among specific audiences.

When you have a problem that you are trying to solve, what do you do? You Google it! So, the next time a potential customer of yours has a problem that they Google, make sure your answer shows up for them.

However, SEO isn’t the only way content marketing can help boost your online presence. Most of that same content that you created to answer your customers’ questions through search engines also serves as great content for social media. 

Builds Credibility

If you were unsure about a product, or couldn’t find enough information about it, would you buy it? Probably not. Before any potential customer will decide to work with you, they want to be sure that you are a credible business.

A great way to build credibility for your business is to establish yourself as a thought-leader within your industry. Content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your thought-leadership and credibility by consistently answering the questions of potential customers with your content.

Attracts Consumers

At this point, you’re probably thinking that content marketing and advertising have the same end goal in mind: bringing in new business. Well, they do. However, the approach is what makes them completely different.

In traditional advertising, you’re putting your product in front of people while they are doing other things. You’re the interruption to the content they want to be consuming.

With content marketing, you’re providing that content, bringing the audience to you instead of the other way around. So, advertising = outbound leads and content marketing = inbound leads. 

Now that you know what content marketing is and why you need it for your business, stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how you can do content marketing for your business!

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