Why you might need a marketing consultant

Hiring a marketing consultantIt seems that companies and decision-makers have become skeptical of consultants – specifically marketing consultants. It may be that there’s a fear that a consultant won’t understand their business or have buyer’s remorse in that hiring a consultant won’t turn into some predetermined, unrealistic return on that investment. 

Whatever the reason may be for ultimately not pulling the trigger on hiring a marketing consultant, if you take a step back and look at your marketing operations, here are some ways to identify why you should explore hiring a marketing consultant. 

You have a marketing strategy in place, but it’s not working

Have you ever been in the situation where you take a look at your sales numbers and they aren’t where they need to be? At first glance the reaction could be, “we need to sell more” or “our sales team needs to work harder.” It’s possible that could be the case, but you may have a marketing strategy problem. Maybe your product isn’t marketed properly to help your sales team do their job more effectively or your strategy doesn’t involve avenues to create inbound leads. Consultants are able to objectively assess the current strategy and then identify ways to tweak or revamp the strategy in order to meet the desired goals.

There isn’t a strategy, so the “strategy” is throwing ideas together to see if they work

This is pretty self-explanatory, but if the tactics behind marketing your product or service are not a part of an overall strategy, a consultant can assist in breaking everything down and going back to the drawing board on developing a strategy. From there, a consultant can help identify the tools you can use that will align with that strategy.

The marketing staff is spread thin and other tasks become priorities over marketing

The line in every job description that is probably the most important is the one that says, “other duties as assigned” and it's these other duties that in some cases doesn’t allow a marketing department, regardless of size, to market their product or service. Frequently, tasks will come in that need to be handled promptly and the marketing efforts always get pushed aside and fall further and further down the to-do list. If this happens within a company, consultants can solve the issue of time. They have the time and the expertise to assist, while the last-minute requests get resolved.

If you’re taking a look at your marketing department and one of or a combination of these three problems exist, you should explore hiring a marketing consultant.

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