What is Consulting?

iStock-500878416.jpgOne thing people say often about consulting is that it’s ‘telling you what to do, but not actually doing it.’ Still, others may think about specific firms they know of or have worked with, and many people have at least heard the term ‘Big Four.’ 

The truth is consulting is so much more than all of that. At its core, consulting is bringing in someone outside your company to help solve a problem. Companies solve problems themselves all the time, so why would they need a consultant?

Sometimes the problem involves expertise in an area outside of the company’s comfort level. For example, an accounting firm may need help marketing a new service; or a local company that wants to expand into Canada could be unfamiliar with the country’s laws.

Other times, it’s not that clear. Many clients are too close to the problems to fully understand what they need and require an outside voice to provide clarity and guidance. Consulting can also help when you can't properly diagnose your problems. You know something’s not working, but you can’t figure out what or why.

So, what does consulting look like in practice? We break it down into three buckets:

  1. Strategy development – This is big picture thinking and a plan to help you go from point A to point B. Strategic thinking requires a 30,000-foot view and it can be very hard for a person or group involved in the day-to-day management of the company to see that far ahead.
  2. Tactic implementation – Once the strategy is developed, tactics are how you execute the plan. Knowing where you want to go often requires a different skillset of how to get there. Consulting in this area involves drilling down into the specific ways a company would accomplish the goal.
  3. ROI measurement – There’s a lot of noise out there, how do you make sense of it all and find out which numbers matter and which don’t? How do you accurately determine the effectiveness of the strategy you rolled out last quarter? This type of consulting helps answer those questions.

Picking the right consultant to help you in one or more of these ways can be a challenge in and of itself. Having a consultant with experience in many different industries can actually be a plus at times as a lot of the same business concepts and principles apply to various sectors.

CHARGE has consulting experience in sports, healthcare, automotive, esports and other areas. If you would like to chat about the problems you’re facing, you can reach us at jghiorzi@chargegf.com.

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