What is Branding?

iStock-664463046.jpgThe term “brand” is a buzzword in the marketing community. Everyone uses branding, but it doesn’t always have a consistent definition. This blog will provide you with a basic understanding of what branding is.

What is a brand? Simply put, a brand is who you are and what you stand for. It’s a simple message that automatically comes to mind when people hear your name. For example, when you think of your favorite athlete, there are probably one or two words that immediately pop in your head.

The same goes for everyone else – friends, family and colleagues all have a personal brand shaped from who they are and how you perceive them. Think about someone you know and describe them in three words or less. Those words are often defined by that person’s behavior and how they act in a natural, comfortable atmosphere around you.

Brands must be authentic. Everyone has heard the phrase “be yourself.” Most people brush it off, but even though it’s cliché, it’s solid advice. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman gave one of the most memorable post-game interviews in recent history. A week after, he more than tripled his Twitter followers. If he gave an uninspired, unauthentic speech along the lines of “it was a hard-fought game, and I’m glad we won” do you think he would have gained that popularity? I sincerely doubt it.

Branding plays a crucial role in differentiating people from others, making products stand out from its competitors, and identifying services amongst others available. Simple and authentic brands have the most impact and are easiest to remember. Want to learn how to find your brand? Check out our eBook on personal branding.

For any questions on branding, contact Ryan Gazdacka, Brand Coordinator at rgazdacka@chargegf.com.

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