Ways to announce your big news

Ways to announce big newsYou have some news to announce. That’s great. Is it big news? That’s even greater! How do you plan on releasing the news? Please don’t just say “do a press release.” There are several ways to announce news, some new, some tried & true. Here’s a look at four popular ways to tell the world about what you’ve done. 

Press conference

What it is: You’ve seen this one before. Often done at a table with the company’s logo plastered behind it, a press conference brings the media to you. It can be hard to keep the details under wraps as you invite people, but it creates an event around your news that gets covered as it happens and gives media the opportunity for one-on-ones with key personnel afterward.

When to use it: The news is really big. The worst thing you can do is call a press conference and have no one show up or tune in. It looks bad for your company and those key personnel expecting to speak to a crowd won’t be thrilled.


What: Pick an outlet that has covered you favorably, preferably one that hits your target audience perfectly. Now, make them an offer they can’t refuse. You’ll give them all the details and keep everyone else in the dark if they announce it on your terms.

When: You have a tasty piece of news and you want to control its release to the outlet and audience of your choice. It can also help strengthen your relationship with a reporter. Be careful though, going to the same outlet or reporter too many times can cause cries of favoritism.


What: Share all the details about the story, but ask reporters to keep it under wraps until a specific date and time. It can be risky, so make sure there’s a mutual trust and respect between you and the media.

When: You have most of the details but you’re still waiting on something. Or, you want the news out fast after an official announcement, you can give all the details to the reporter so they are good to go as soon as the news drops.


What: A cousin to the exclusive, it’s a way to break news to a specific outlet before sharing it with everyone else. This has to be done delicately because, it’s not always approved by all parties. Be careful if you purposefully leak news.

When: Like an exclusive, a leak can extend the story from one day to two or more. It can also work in combination with a press conference. You can work with a trusted reporter, giving out some details to create anticipation, but still maintain the integrity of the press conference by not giving away everything.

If you have news to share, you’ll spend a lot of time on the what and when, but don’t forget about the how.

Not sure how best to announce your news? Tell me your story and I’ll tell how you to do it at jghiorzi@chargegf.com. Also, check out our newsjacking PR eBook for more tips!

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