Using media relations to amplify your brand

Amplify your brand with media relationsYou or your business are doing great things – you’re the best at what you do, and your customers love you. But you just wish more people had heard about you. That’s a great reason why you should use media relations to amplify your brand.

If you’ve already established a great brand, media relations can take it to the next level using earned media to build even more credibility. Here are some things to consider.

Low cost, high reward

Securing media coverage of yourself or your business is not easy by any means, but the cost when compared to buying advertisements can be low. Anyone can reach out to the media with a story idea about their business and hope they will do a report that will generate buzz but developing the storylines the media will really be interested in is the key challenge. 

Instead of doing it yourself, hiring an agency can be a great way to generate media coverage, and the return on the investment can sometimes be staggering. Media relations professionals build lasting relationships with the media and help identify and secure perfect opportunities.

Those relationships often lead to a significant return on investment because the results of media relations hits are measurable. Media hits are tracked by publicity value – how much the media hit was worth when considering the length of the story, size of the outlet or ratings it receives – so you have an idea of what you are getting for your money.

Third-party credibility 

The single most valuable thing about media relations is the third-party credibility it creates for your brand. Think about how you might find a new restaurant to try – often people will ask their friends for their experiences or read websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor before making a decision. The same is true about your business. 

If you’re trying to bring in new business or are an athlete trying to convert passerby’s into fans, third-party credibility can be key. If a television station, newspaper or radio station does a story on you, you can instantly have credibility in the eyes of the consumer because they trust that media outlet’s brand.

When a media outlet covers your brand, it gives you credibility that is more valuable than any advertising you could purchase. For example, Nielsen reports that 90 percent of people trust earned media versus 33 percent who trust online banner ads. The bigger and more credible the news outlet you are featured in, the more amplified the reach and credibility is for your brand.

The bottom line is using media relations to amplify your brand can be cost efficient, have significant return on investment and garner you invaluable third-party credibility.

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