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Jul 05. 2017

Managing Partners in Motorsports with IndyCar’s Whitney Maenhout

What’s it like to manage partnerships in motorsports for some of the most recognizable brands in the world?

author: Whitney Maenhout

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Nov 17. 2016

Gameday Food on Thanksgiving? It can work

You might be thinking that based on the title, this isn't our usual business blog. You're right! Take your mind off work and read about ...

author: CHARGE

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Nov 20. 2015

Standing Out From the Crowd: Defining Personal Brands in the NFL

In sports, few brands are as hot as the National Football ...

author: Ken Ungar

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Sep 15. 2015

Three tips for a successful internship

Internships are viewed differently depending on your place in life. Some employers view them as free labor. Other employers view them as a ...

author: Kyle Teague

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Aug 27. 2015

Five things I learned in college that helped me in the sports business

I wasn't a sports management major in college. My alma mater didn't offer it when I was there. There ...

author: Jesse Ghiorzi

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Jun 24. 2015

Volunteers keep sports alive

The phrase front office gets tossed around in sports-related conversations at the water cooler, the bar or the game. But most people only know a ...

author: Jesse Ghiorzi

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Jan 23. 2015

A passion to teach

Passion. It’s infectious. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the crossing guard at the local school bus stop, or the head coach giving a pre-game ...

author: CHARGE