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Things to consider when investing in motorsports: Part 2

After part 1 was published a few weeks ago, a number of colleagues reached out and asked about specific series’ that weren't mentioned. Our hope is to cover every pinnacle-level racing series through a sequence of blog posts. There is no order of importance because I believe every form of motorsport has potential for growth and investment opportunities.

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The Future of Sponsorships

Sport has long been a big venue for sponsorship. Using players in ads has been going on since the early 20th century. In the last 30-40 years, stadium, race and college bowl game naming rights have expanded dramatically. Now most venues have a title sponsor. Though they’ve been big in European soccer for decades, jersey sponsors are hot right now in the U.S. as the NBA rolled them out this season. But what’s the next great frontier in sports sponsorship? Let’s take some educated guesses.

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Why esports sponsorships matter to me, the player

There are many elements that athletes of all sports have to grow into as they become more and more popular. Things like talking to reporters or dealing with social media may put them into uncomfortable situations where they have to learn and grow.

However, one of these challenging areas can decide whether or not they stay on a team or earn additional revenue: dealing with sponsors. Though it can be uncomfortable, the work is worth it. Good sponsor relationships can be the difference between being a major name in your sport or being “just another player.”

Sponsorships are especially key in esports. Here are a few primary reasons that esports athletes should up their game with sponsors.

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3 Pieces of Advice Before Launching Into A New Esports Sponsorship

Everyone is going to tell you that the most important component of a successful esports sponsorship is to “be authentic.”

Yes, authenticity is important! And, I promise that is the last time I will mention that word in this post.

Here are three other things (that aren’t the “A” word) to think about when considering inserting your brand into esports.

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Maximizing Your Esports Sponsorship ROI

Esports offer an unmatched sponsorship opportunity. As league and team structures develop, companies have a chance to take advantage of its steadily growing popularity. Becoming the primary sponsor of an esports team or player will allow your brand to garner a high level of exposure and return on investment (ROI) or return on opportunity (ROO).

Below are three levels of esports sponsorships. Which one is the best fit for your brand? Let’s look.

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Managing Partners in Motorsports with IndyCar’s Whitney Maenhout

What’s it like to manage partnerships in motorsports for some of the most recognizable brands in the world?

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The Opportunity and Benefit of Collegiate Esports

A recent tweet in my timeline generated lots of engagement. The question raised was, “What is the role of the collegiate tier of esports?”

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3 Reasons Why Mel Kiper Would be Great at Selling Sponsorships

NFL fans across the country will be glued to their televisions tonight, devouring ESPN’s coverage of the annual NFL Draft

As we have listened to Mel Kiper over the years describe athletes as if he’s selling the best product in the world, we couldn’t help but think of three reasons why he’d make an excellent sponsorship salesman.

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Going Mainstream with eSports Players and Teams

As eSports continues to grow, one major lingering question remains: What will it take for eSports to reach the casual fan and cross over into the mainstream? 

For the die-hards, close matchups, great stats and in-game storylines are enough of a hook. But to attract casual fans, there needs to be something more. The players have to crossover because of their personalities, interests and activities away from the sport.

Here are three ways leagues and teams put their talent in a position to reach new and more fans.

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Three Reasons Why Sponsoring Bowl Games Still Matters for Brands

The college football bowl world is changing on a yearly basis, it seems.

There are over 40 bowl games now, players are choosing their potential NFL careers over participating and the College Football Playoff has devalued every other bowl game.

However, that doesn't mean brands should stop sponsoring bowl games. Here are three reasons why.

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