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4 Marketing Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year.

That’s not exactly encouraging.

But there is good news.

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Stretching Your Marketing Budget with Social Influencers

As we mentioned in our previous blog, people trust influencer’s recommendations almost as much as those of their friends. According to Nielsen, trust in paid online/mobile advertising peaked at 48%. If the most trusted online ads are on par with social influencers (49%), it’s easy to see why an influencer campaign might make sense for you.

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Using Social Influencers to Promote Your Business

What is a social influencer?  

Simply put, it’s someone that has the trust of an audience. Often, but not always, it’s an audience within a specific industry or interest in a certain topic. It’s also usually a large one, but that can be subjective based on the area.

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Four Ways for Executives to Improve Their Social Media

As executives, we’re all busy, yet we all say social media is important. So, how do we get better on social media when we barely have time for lunch? 

First, why is it important? Your audience is on there, posting about their interests, hobbies and lifestyles. Digital is baked into every marketing plan, so you can get a better understanding of what it all means if you’re on the main networks yourself. We know you’re busy, so let’s get into some actionable ways to get better on social media immediately.

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3 Ways to Make the World Baseball Classic Great

MLB Opening Day is just around the corner, spring training is underway, and players from around the world are preparing for the World Baseball Classic (WBC), but nobody seems to be paying attention. Similar to the FIFA World Cup, the WBC takes place every four years, but why doesn’t it garner the same interest as its soccer counterpart?

Taking some recommendations from our previous blog, let’s look at how the WBC could get the attention it deserves.

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Three Reasons to Use Video on Social Media


Social media is an ever-evolving entity that has quickly morphed into something marketers can’t live without. Everyone wants a piece of this pie, and we have yet to determine just how big the pie even is. The good news is, at least for the moment, we know what is working in the world of social media: video. Here are three reasons you should be using video on your social media channels.

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How to Make Your Social Media Bios Reflect Your Brand

Take a minute to Google your name. What pops up?

First-page results usually show LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and when someone clicks on your social profiles, they should get a clear understanding of your brand and who you are as a person. 

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Three Ways for Olympians to Medal in Athlete Marketing

Every four years, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games produce memorable stories of athlete achievement, and a great performance often will catapult an athlete to stardom.

Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas saw their brands come to life during the 2012 Olympics in London. For most Olympians, though, their stardom fades quickly without the power of the Olympics platform to keep them in the spotlight.

There’s a lot at stake for Olympians, who get one shot every four years to capitalize on their brands and turn them into a potential financial windfall.

So, what’s an athlete to do to maximize the opportunity?

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Four Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game

icons-1445475_1920.jpgSeveral years ago, social account managers could just crank out tweets and status updates, then proudly tell their bosses, their brand or clients that they have a social presence.

The game has changed since then, and it’s not enough to just post without research. We’ve got you covered with four ways to get better on social media.

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Three Essentials for Creating an Executive Brand

While a strong personal brand is important to the career of an athlete or celebrity, it is just as important to a corporate executive. 

Executive brands impact a career just as much as perceptions about the companies they lead. Successful companies are the sum of successful executive brands. For the CEO (or any executive) building his or her brand, here are three essentials to keep in mind.

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