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Three examples of newsjacking gone bad

Newsjacking, the art of latching on to an emerging trending story, can be a powerful tool in generating coverage of yourself, your business or your clients. But, as some companies have painfully learned, it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Before using the newsjacking technique, be sure to take what we call a “sensitivity second.” Just because you’ve prepared and identified an opportunity to newsjack, that doesn’t always mean you should take the next step to execute the plan.

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Best of 2017 - People and Brands Who Crushed the Twitter Game

When it comes to the major stories on social media this year, Twitter has been the place to be. The newly character-expanded channel has enabled individuals to get traction on a global scale, while brands have been able to let their hair down. 

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Social Media Glossary: Part 2

You’ve discerned how to tell your impressions from your reach, but what about some of the more advanced buzz words you’re bound to run in to when using social media? To help you stay on your game, we’ve developed part two of our basic social media glossary. From algorithm to vlog, these terms delve a little further into popular keywords and slang used by seasoned social media users. 

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Amplifying Your Content With Social Media Advertising

You see it all the time when scrolling through your social media: an ad for a service you’ve recently searched for or a car that you’ve thought about buying. You wonder, “How does the internet know what I want?”. The most likely answer is that you’re the target audience for the ad you're seeing. Heck, you might have even been on a car manufacturer's website recently and shown the digital world that you’re interested in buying a car. Because of this, you’re a perfect target for social media advertising. But what is it?

A social media ad is any kind of paid content on any social media channel. An ad can range from one promoted post to a full-blown advertising campaign with a major budget attached to it. 

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What is Content Marketing?

As buzzwords go, content marketing has been reigning over the marketing world for a while now.

My bet is that is because any new ideas can be rolled into the huge, undifferentiated mass that is content marketing. Sure, ebooks and blog posts are obvious, but email nurture? Yep, that’s creating content to be sent via email. Social? Absolutely- just little bits of content sent hourly. You think we can’t claim events? Try creating a successful booth without designers and writers. Content marketing can grow to encompass anything, because all of marketing needs words or pictures (or both). All roads lead to Oz. 

That breadth is also what makes content marketing tough to nail down. When content means everything, then it functionally means nothing.

Let’s strip it back down.

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Are TV Ratings Still Relevant?

TV ratings have been a popular way to track the success of an event and health of a league or sport for as long as they have been measured. They are an easily digestible number that everyone can understand, from the water cooler to the boardroom. 

But are they still relevant in a time when fans follow games in a number of other ways?

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Social Media Glossary: The Necessities

As social media constantly changes, it can be difficult to keep up with the ins and outs of the terminology. To help you stay with the times, we’ve created a basic social media glossary. From engagement to viral, we present terms and their definitions in the context of social media. Some you’ve likely heard, and others may be completely new. While we can’t help you discern how to correctly pronounce “GIF”, this guide will prove a helpful tool when deciphering social media lingo.

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Three Ways to Increase PGA TV Ratings

With TV ratings being in flux for several sports, golf being one of them, the PGA Tour has worked hard to broaden its audience and appeal to younger fans. 

With The PGA Championship starting up this week, here are three ways we suggest the PGA can pursue this challenge.

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Surprises from the CHARGE 25 Under 25 Index

When we created the CHARGE 25 Under 25 index, we thought we knew which athlete brands were bubbling above the rest. Our goal was to put data first and remove subjectivity so this list is supported by facts, not opinion. Many of the names bandied about ended up making the list, but there were also several surprises in name, sport and market.

Here are three times the outcomes caught us by surprise.

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Four Essential Components of a Social Media Strategy

With nearly 3 billion people on social media, social presence is necessary for just about any organization in any industry, looking to promote brand visibility and foster engagement. Creating a social media strategy for your company can seem overwhelming, but there’s good news ahead! While every social media plan is unique based on target audience, each will always include four fundamental components. Consider these when developing a strategy, and you’ll be well on your way to building a strong social presence. 

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