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How to follow up when courting the media

So, you’ve sent out a press release or a pitch to the media and you know it’s a story they will want to do. You’ve made it relevant, provided editorial context and you know it’s newsworthy, but you haven’t heard anything back. Now what? 

Knowing when and how to follow up on public relations efforts can be key in helping you find success in placing your story.

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Media Relations, Media Training, PR

How to know if your news is actually newsworthy

This scenario happens all the time - your company has what you think is big news to announce so you draft a press release, send it to the media and nobody covers it.

It’s beyond frustrating when this happens but the question you should ask yourself is why didn’t the media care? It’s probably because while you thought it was newsworthy it really wasn’t to the media.

So how do you avoid this disappointment in the future? Here are a couple tips:

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Why Editorial Context Matters in Public Relations

When trying to get the media to do stories on your business (or your client if you work at an agency), the best path to success is developing a story idea that has depth and will appeal to the audience of the targeted media outlet.

However, a shortcut method to generate media coverage is to come up with a “gimmick” that the media will salivate over. For example, when your local doughnut shop offers free doughnuts and the media covers it.

While the strategy of coming up with a gimmick works, it’s important to build editorial context around your pitches to the media. In other words, you need to make the story newsworthy in some regard.

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Four Quick Tips to Follow When Speaking to the Media

It can be really nerve-racking when you get a call from the local television station and they want to come out and do a story on you or your business.

To help calm those nerves, we have four quick tips to follow when the time comes to step in front of the camera.

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Standing Out From the Crowd: Defining Personal Brands in the NFL

In sports, few brands are as hot as the National Football League (NFL). The NFL brand stands for many things including exciting on-field moments, city-to-city rivalries and Sunday tailgating with family and friends.

Of course, people have brands, too. So, when Capital Sports Advisors (CSA), a leading NFL agency, was looking for ways to elevate the brands of their NFL player clients, their search led them to our personal branding process for athletes and celebrities.

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