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Mar 06. 2018

The state of the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine wrapped up this week in Indianapolis and once again its stature continues to grow. Even with all the success of the combine ...

author: Chris Myers

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Feb 06. 2018

How to make your event VIP

In our everyday lives we are filled with companies constantly offering us VIP reward programs for buying gas, coffee and even groceries. These ...

author: Chris Myers

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Jan 02. 2018

2017 Top 10 Blogs of the Year

The CHARGE blog was home to nearly 150 posts in 2017. Over that time, we talked about esports, branding, motorsports, social media, key ...

author: Jesse Ghiorzi

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Dec 20. 2017

Navigating the Sponsorship Game: 20 Questions to Sponsoring Success

Sponsorships are ...

author: Kyle Richert

Events Sponsorships Sports Business
Dec 19. 2017

2017 Promotional Success: "Beat The Freeze” in Review

There are hundreds of professional sports teams in the United States, and all ...

author: Chris Myers

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Nov 01. 2017

Improving Your Lead Generation: Part 2

Let’s say you just managed a successful event at a trade show and

author: Kyle Ginty

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Aug 22. 2017

Are TV Ratings Still Relevant?

TV ratings have been a popular way to track the success of an event and health of a league or sport for as long as they have been ...

author: Jesse Ghiorzi

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Jul 28. 2017

Tips for Improving Your Lead Generation at Events

Outside of overall brand awareness, lead generation is typically a primary objective of any event activation. Lead generation is directly tied ...

author: Chris Myers

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Jun 15. 2017

4 Ways to Measure Successful Experiential Engagements

A great idea shouldn’t define the success of an experiential engagement. Measuring return on investment (ROI) is critical to the experiential ...

author: Ken Ungar

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May 31. 2017

What's Trending in Experiential Marketing Technology

As ...

author: Kyle Teague

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May 25. 2017

Experiential Marketing vs. Event Marketing and the ROI

Many people use the terms "experiential marketing" and "event marketing" interchangeably. Is there a difference? Well, the two terms are ...

author: Kyle Teague

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Mar 09. 2017

3 Ways to Make the World Baseball Classic Great

MLB Opening Day is just around the corner, spring training is underway, and players from around the world are preparing for the

author: Kyle Teague