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Debunking Four Blogging Myths

In a post- “capital-C Content” world, everyone blogs. Or, more accurately, everyone feels the vague paranoia that they should be blogging more than they are. But it’s tough to know when and how and what to do. Agencies love offering advice (on their own optimized blogs, of course), but the search for a simple answer has ended up with true, legitimate data that ends up being generic to the point of uselessness. Any of these things are useful in the abstract, but no help whatsoever once it filters down to your actions.

Let’s talk through some of those myths and turn them into better advice.

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Building Credibility Through Contributed Content

Success building or growing a business can often be rooted in credibility. You may have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done, but if clients perceive a lack of credibility in the space, your path to success is much longer. 

One way to build credibility is the public relations tactic of generating contributed content, which is taking your expertise and opinions and offering them up to a new audience through the media. Contributed content helps you lay the foundation to become an expert in the space you are trying to grow or enter.

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Four Essential Components of a Social Media Strategy

With nearly 3 billion people on social media, social presence is necessary for just about any organization in any industry, looking to promote brand visibility and foster engagement. Creating a social media strategy for your company can seem overwhelming, but there’s good news ahead! While every social media plan is unique based on target audience, each will always include four fundamental components. Consider these when developing a strategy, and you’ll be well on your way to building a strong social presence. 

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4 Marketing Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year.

That’s not exactly encouraging.

But there is good news.

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Mental Training Tips from a Sport Psychologist

St. Vincent Sports Performance consults with athletes using specialized and individualized mental skills training to get them ready for the "big game". The basic principles of this training can be practiced by anyone, not just athletes.

We’ve seen our guest blogger, Kacey Oiness, help athletes of all ages and ability levels prepare for the biggest games of their lives. Then we realized we can use some of her tips when we have our own version of "big games". Here’s a little more about how to use sport psychology principles to get primed for the big days in your career.

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3 Ways to Make the World Baseball Classic Great

MLB Opening Day is just around the corner, spring training is underway, and players from around the world are preparing for the World Baseball Classic (WBC), but nobody seems to be paying attention. Similar to the FIFA World Cup, the WBC takes place every four years, but why doesn’t it garner the same interest as its soccer counterpart?

Taking some recommendations from our previous blog, let’s look at how the WBC could get the attention it deserves.

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Going Mainstream with eSports Players and Teams

As eSports continues to grow, one major lingering question remains: What will it take for eSports to reach the casual fan and cross over into the mainstream? 

For the die-hards, close matchups, great stats and in-game storylines are enough of a hook. But to attract casual fans, there needs to be something more. The players have to crossover because of their personalities, interests and activities away from the sport.

Here are three ways leagues and teams put their talent in a position to reach new and more fans.

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Guest Blog: Tone is Key

Have you ever said something that sounded so clear to you, but nevertheless, it was misunderstood? Perhaps it was in a presentation, a business meeting or in a conversation during a professional networking event. The issue may not be what you said, but it may be how you said it and more importantly, how it was heard. For example, when a teenager comes home from school and walks in the house and mom or dad asks, “How was your day?” and that well-intentioned teenager quickly responds, “fine”, the tone of that answer could be the difference between free time and discussion time. In other words, “fine” can mean so many things depending upon the tone with which that simply/complex word is delivered.

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Off-The-Field Money: Three Insider Tips for NFL Draftees

If it’s Christmas season, it’s NFL draftee recruitment time. As we crisscross the country speaking to soon-to-be NFL players, we hear the same question: “How much money can I earn off the field?”

The answer to this question starts with the athlete himself. That’s because there are three keys athletes can control to maximize their earning potential. Here are our insider tips:

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Things to Consider When Changing Your Company’s Name

Occasionally even the best brands are due for a refresh and coming up with a new name for your company can feel like a daunting task.

If you’re in the market for a brand refresh, we’ve put together a few words of advice on things to consider when changing your company’s name.

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