Tips for Improving Your Lead Generation at Events

Experiential Marketing.jpgOutside of overall brand awareness, lead generation is typically a primary objective of any event activation. Lead generation is directly tied to your return on investment (ROI) and an effective way to measure how successful your activation was. 

Want to set your activation up for success? Try these three tips for your next event.

Pre-Event Content

The standard move is to send out a “Visit us at Booth 55!” email before a major event.  

Instead, come up with something creative to send prospective visitors. Let your brand shine with a personality quiz in the vein of Buzzfeed or simply a fun and creative landing page with a call-to-action to your website to draw awareness to your activation.

No matter what plan you come up with, make sure you are creating a full promotional plan, including social media campaigns. Incorporate the event hashtag, and create one of your own for tracking purposes.

Have fun with it. People are excited in the lead-up to an event, even a business one, so they’re more likely to interact with your content beforehand. The more leads you can generate prior to showing up, the more you are ahead of the game.

Get Interactive Onsite

An activation that really stood out recently was by AORUS at a DreamHack event in Austin, TX. They enthralled their demographic by creating a highly interactive experiential marketing program centered on product testing.  

AORUS offered four different interactive opportunities all designed around earning points. The activities included racing simulators, Nerf archery, head-to-head video game match play, and more. Points were then redeemable at their merchandise shop, which was also part of the activation. 

Visitors saw the value of the activity and wanted a method to accrue points, so they had no trouble giving their information. It was a great example of how you can maximize lead generation by offering entertainment value to your guests.

Target Your Audience with Premiums

A lot of times brands create a standard activation space that they transport from event to event with limited customization. But that can make a space feel generic and stale, reducing engagement. Customizing your space, even in small ways, can keep each event activiation fresh. 

In the example above, AORUS was clearly targeting millennials who enjoy esports.  Their activation was built directly to attract those individuals, and it succeeded.  

One way to stay customized is through appropriate premiums. Tailor your giveaways to be useful to the audience you are targeting. For example, if you know you are having an event in the heat of the summer, think ahead with custom water bottles, mist fans or that old faithful, sunscreen.

Situationally-specific premium items equal more badges scanned, more forms filled out, and more overall lead generation.

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