Three Ways to Make Your Company's Press Releases Relevant

October 11, 2017 / by Lucas Wiseman

iStock_61400618_XLARGE.jpgIt’s easy to fall into the trap of sending out press releases about your company or organization that simply get the news out. But how do we make our press releases relevant so they have a higher likelihood of success?

Members of the media receive more press releases in a day than you can imagine, and it’s difficult to cut through the clutter. Here are three things you can do right now to make your press release more relevant:

Make it impactful

There are always situations when we write press releases because we are obligated to do so, but we should always ask ourselves if this news will resonate with the media. For example, try digging deeper to see if a run-of-the-mill partner announcement has a compelling, impactful storyline. The more meaningful your news is, the more likely it will get picked up.

Choose your words carefully

Words like “unprecedented” or “groundbreaking” may be a little cliché, especially to public relations professionals, but the reality is these are impactful words that can spice up your press release. If you truly have news that is unprecedented or groundbreaking, don’t be afraid to tell people that directly. While these words are sometimes cliché, they tend to resonate with the media.

Target your audience

Every time you write a press release, have a target audience in mind you want to reach. Is your news consumer driven? Are you trying to reach CEOs? The way you craft your press release will vary depending on who you want to reach and using keywords or phrases related to that audience will help your news resonate.

The bottom line is don’t get complacent with your press releases. If you’ve written a draft press release or are an executive who is reviewing a press release, take a second to ask yourself the following question: Can I make this press release more relevant or impactful?

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