Three Ways to Increase PGA TV Ratings

October 6, 2017 / by Ryan Gazdacka

iStock-465611306.jpgWith TV ratings being in flux for several sports, golf being one of them, the PGA Tour has worked hard to broaden its audience and appeal to younger fans. 

With The PGA Championship starting up this week, here are three ways we suggest the PGA can pursue this challenge.

Make golfers relatable

The PGA needs to pitch stories about golfers to non-endemic media. That way, people who aren’t fans of golf will still have name recognition and build affinity towards golfers. If someone has a mutual interest with a golfer, they are more likely to relate to them and be curious about how they do in tournaments. 

Social media

Social media is the quickest and easiest way for athletes to talk about their personal brand. Golfers need to understand that social media is the best way to show off their personal life and make themselves relevant to the public. They can grow their social media by posting content that fans won’t be able to get anywhere else. 

Make TV viewing interesting

Golf has done a good job with making golf fun to watch with slo-mo swing replays and ball-flight trackers, but they need to do more. Because golf has such a rigorous travel schedule, fans can’t attend every tournament. Give people a reason to tune in; this can range from oddities of certain courses to hearing players and caddies talk about shots. More people will tune in if there is more to watching a tournament than seeing players swing clubs.

When golf becomes more integrated with the casual fan, the ratings will increase. If the PGA wants to stop the downward trend of ratings, they can’t rely on people wanting to watch a tournament to only see golf. Rather, keep building on storylines from player’s brands and unique course designs.

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