Three Reasons Why Sponsoring Bowl Games Still Matters for Brands

October 6, 2017 / by Chris Myers

football-1053509_1920.jpgThe college football bowl world is changing on a yearly basis, it seems.

There are over 40 bowl games now, players are choosing their potential NFL careers over participating and the College Football Playoff has devalued every other bowl game.

However, that doesn't mean brands should stop sponsoring bowl games. Here are three reasons why.

Brand exposure

Bowl entitlement partners receive what equates to a three-plus hour running commercial with their brand name and logo all over the field, signage and TV broadcast. Not to mention most bowl entitlements come with TV commercial units during the game itself. However, the kicker most brands ignore is bowl projections and coverage leading up to the bowl season. By sponsoring a game early in the year, you can earn extra exposure for your brand.

Community involvement

Sponsoring a bowl game can extend your brand in a community beyond the four quarters of the game. Several of the college bowl games are non-profit organizations who give back to their local community throughout the entire year and not just during the month of December. If you have a specific tie to the community, this is a great way to engage your employees in charitable opportunities.

The price is right

For now, bowl games are as devalued as they have ever been. If you find the appropriate fit based on the market, locking into a multi-year deal will allow you to negotiate the best possible deal as bowl games everywhere are desperate for multi-year security vs. one and done deals that hurt their brand. 

When it’s all said and done, there are still plenty of opportunities for brands to take advantage of bowl games. Television networks have valuable airtime to fill and fans thirst for the opportunity to cheer on their team for one more game, which means brands can still find value in sponsoring bowl games.

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