3 Reasons Why Mel Kiper Would be Great at Selling Sponsorships

October 18, 2017 / by Chris Myers

Football Field.jpgNFL fans across the country will be glued to their televisions tonight, devouring ESPN’s coverage of the annual NFL Draft

As we have listened to Mel Kiper over the years describe athletes as if he’s selling the best product in the world, we couldn’t help but think of three reasons why he’d make an excellent sponsorship salesman.

  1. Research is king

You can never research your prospect enough – whether that is in the draft or your next sponsorship target. Kiper would develop a full book on each person he is meeting with, and he’d know what makes them tick inside and out. It’s the reason why he is the best in the business at draft prospect evaluations. This skillset of doing the proper research sets you up for early success.

  1. Describing your product with passion

Have you ever watched the draft and actually counted the number of adjectives Kiper uses for each and every prospect he describes? He doesn’t just stop with one or two, but he covers the full gambit of every trait the prospect has. Even if you completely disagree with his assessment, you can feel the passion behind what he’s saying and you start to sway toward his side of the argument. Any good salesman’s job is to sway the audience to believe what they are selling is worthy of the first round.

  1. Have unwavering confidence

Ever notice there are times when Kiper will get on top of his soap box and say with unwavering confidence that a player will be great. He’s not always right, and when he’s wrong, he comes right back out the next year and owns it. Then he tells us about the next great hall of famer being picked. This is the exact same attitude every great person in sales works with. You can’t dwell on the misses, just confidently move on to the next prospect.

It’s doubtful Mel Kiper will ever give up his job as an ESPN analyst, but if he ever gets into the world of sponsorship sales, watch out. He’d be a sure-fire, first-ballot sponsorship sales hall of famer. Read on to learn how to avoid the most common mistake in sponsorship sales or reach out to get personalized consultation to move your company forward. 

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