Three Keys to Event Sponsorship

October 6, 2017 / by Chris Myers

iStock_000009180588_Full.jpgMost events don't happen without sponsors, so how do you make sure your event is sponsor-friendly? Here are three keys to creating an event that is attractive to sponsors: 

  1. If you build it, they will come

One of the biggest mistakes event managers/producers make is to establish their final event plan and logistics without looking for sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are creating an event logo or determining where parking will be located, there are opportunities to establish what assets you have available to potential sponsors.

  1. Show me the money

Think long and hard about what assets can be sponsored at your event. There are standard assets such as signage, logo inclusion and potential PA/Video assets, but there are also assets that many people forget. These assets include staff/volunteer uniforms, concession areas, on-site shuttles or parking areas. Always keep prospects in mind for certain assets as you look to create sponsorship opportunities.

  1. Always be closing

Remain flexible while putting the final touches on your event. There are sponsors out there who are perfectly fine with buying the predetermined banner space, but more often than not a prospect is going to want a chance to be creative. Once you know the goals and objectives of your prospect, tailor your assets to create a unique and attractive sponsorship package. This can be as simple as adjusting a banner location or finding activation space.

When planning your next event, these three keys will help you always keep sponsors in mind, identify opportunities and remain flexible to achieve your sponsors desired results.

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