Things to Consider When Hiring an Agent

October 17, 2017 / by Chris Myers

binding-contract-948442_1920.jpgAs an emerging sport, eSports has few regulations on agents, making it even more important for athletes to do their due diligence before signing on the dotted line. 

Determining the right agent can be a daunting task and also one of the most important decisions eSports athletes will make early in their career.

Regardless of skill level, there are several qualities eSports athletes should look for when selecting an agent to represent them. 

  1. Reliability

Your agent must be someone you can rely on, and they must always have your best interests in mind. Look for an agent who consistently delivers on behalf of their clients, without nagging or prompting. You might be able to rely on a family member, but it’s always better to find someone with the right experience.

  1. Honesty

You need an agent who will be honest with you. Players may get promised the world, but not all of those promises are kept. It’s hard not to believe someone who tells you you’re great, but your agent shouldn’t be your biggest fan. Your agent should be respectful, but direct in telling you if your performance is lacking.

  1. Reputation

It’s important to have an agent with a good reputation. If your agent is known for his personality and less for his negotiating abilities, you don’t have a good agent. Your agent doesn’t have to be well-liked, but if people hate doing business with him, then that’s not someone you want making calls on your behalf. 

  1. Experience

Does an agent have experience placing players like you? If you’re successful, anyone can find a team to hire you. If you are a role player or an average player, you need to look for an agent with experience placing and developing other players like you. A good agent should be eager to give you a list of his current and past players along with the types of deals that were made.

  1. Access

You have to be able to reach your agent when you need them. You don’t want an agent who goes dark for long periods of time. There are times where it’s important to be able to get your agent on the phone to make you aware of negotiations and your status in general. It’s best to make sure that you are on the same page as your agent with clear communication. 

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