The ultimate utility player: Content

Content utility playerContent marketing is a discipline all its own in the marketing department. But that’s not where content’s job ends. A strong content team should be able to support all aspects of your marketing.

Are you using your staff to its fullest potential? 

Customer marketing

It’s an oft-quoted statistic that signing a new client is five times as expensive as retaining one. However, many companies don’t put nearly enough effort into keeping your current customers on the books.

Let your content team help. Create a great touchpoint by starting a customer newsletter with tips and tricks within your industry or product. Regular outreach that adds value shows your customers that you value them.

If you have a good persona structure and a little time, build targeted lists specialized to subsets of your audience. The more specialized your audience subset, the more specific your pain points and challenges can be. The more specific the pain, the better you can solve the customer’s problem. And the better you solve the problem, the more your customers will appreciate your efforts.


Content is a great support team for your PR efforts. Writing and editing help is the most obvious benefit, but there are more powerful ways.

In a digital world, a lot of outreach isn’t in press releases anymore. Getting clients or leadership onto popular websites, blog, podcasts and video channels is the name of the game, and having a good relationship with your content team supports those efforts. Pitch your existing blog content to industry websites, or create content specifically for placement on an outside website. Create a teaser video or audio clip to send to potential partners to demonstrate the type of guest you will be on their channel. Outlets want to know that anyone they bring in will be a dynamic guest; a little time spent with your content team can dramatically help your odds of getting bookings. 


When is the last time you upgraded your booth? Is it the same step-and-repeat it’s been for the past few years? Do you take the same setup for events where your audience is different?

Tag in your content team. They bring with them a deep understanding of your target audience, as well as a flair for storytelling. They can help you specialize your setup to each situation.

And it doesn’t have to be a complete teardown of your existing setup. A good content team will know what slight tweaks will be the most powerful. Perhaps its changing a few words in your video loop, to specialize to each crowd. Maybe bringing a different piece of collateral would work better. A brainstorm and a bit of work could significantly increase your event success. 


Collateral is key to selling sponsorships. Bring your content team in to treat your sponsorship materials like any other marketing. Perhaps its just a price sheet, but a good editor can help you understand how each potential partner encounters your information. If your title sponsor information is first, companies could be intimidated by what, to them, is an absurd number, or worry that their level of sponsorship won’t be worth the outlay, compared to the “big guns.” Bringing in your content team can help portray the information you need efficiently, but also effectively.  

Now that your content marketing is on a roll, start finding other ways your content team can support and add value to your other marketing disciplines.

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