The difference between endemic and non-endemic media

iStock-155287818.jpgThe terms endemic and non-endemic may sound a little medical, but don’t worry, I’m not a doctor. We’re talking about media relations and why it’s important for athletes and teams to extend their public relations strategy beyond the sports page and into other relevant sectors of the media. 


Let’s start here. Endemic means “natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native.” In other words, endemic refers to the beat media that cover your sport, organization or athlete. Non-endemic means the opposite and refers to media that don’t regularly feature your brand or brands like yours. For example, is an endemic media outlet for hockey player P.K. Subban, but Elle magazine is not.

Why does it matter?

You can find new sports fans from appearing in the sports media, but it’s hard to turn a LeBron James fan into a Steph Curry fan or a Yankees fan into a Dodgers fan. Expanding your audience beyond the sports and entertainment world requires you to reach new media outlets. That can be scary, but don’t worry, we’ve got you. 

How to do it?

The way to reach non-endemic media is to share something compelling that’s authentic – and unique – to you that relates to a new media outlet and its audience. Here’s an example: We have worked with NASCAR driver Kyle Larson since 2015. He’s a popular driver within the sport but only has a 3 percent awareness among the general population. Through our BrandMe process, we identified that being a great dad was a big part of his life. We spoke with Larson to outline stories he can tell about fatherhood, then approached parenting media with those hooks. It was an honest link that outlets like Parents, The Bump and Fatherly connected with, and their audiences followed. Larson’s audience expanded, and he’s known not only as a great racer, but a great dad.

Reaching non-endemic media is a great way to expand your reach today and develop a larger, more diverse tomorrow. Down the road you can leverage that audience for new endorsements. If you want to reach non-endemic media for your brand, team or athlete, we can help. Try me at or check out our guide to endorsements eBook!

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