Stretching Your Marketing Budget with Social Influencers

October 17, 2017 / by Jesse Ghiorzi

All-Star_02.pngAs we mentioned in our previous blog, people trust influencer’s recommendations almost as much as those of their friends. According to Nielsen, trust in paid online/mobile advertising peaked at 48%. If the most trusted online ads are on par with social influencers (49%), it’s easy to see why an influencer campaign might make sense for you.

Fees vary based on the type (video, text, photo), length and frequency of posts. Other factors include the audience size, which channels, timing and more. Partnering with the right influencer(s) you can make a humble budget feel massive and reach directly to your target audience in a trusted way.

Case study

Brackets For Good (BFG) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps build awareness, raise funds, and expand marketing capabilities for local nonprofits through competitive, online fundraising tournaments. After starting in 2012 with eight charities in Indianapolis, 2017 touched 12 markets and more than 600 nonprofits. As part of their big growth, getting the message to new markets was crucial to their success.

BFG turned to CHARGE to come up with an influencer strategy. The goal was to drive awareness and donations in 12 major US markets, five of which were new to the program. We created a diverse list of influencers in each city with two common links – they had to have a connection to sports and had to care about giving back. We contacted the influencers (or their representatives) and negotiated terms. Once we were on the same page, we helped create authentic content for them to share and provided a posting schedule.

Throughout the campaign, we worked closely with influencers and BFG to ensure the messaging stayed on brand and went out at the right time. The results were fantastic. BFG raised more than $3.6 million in 2017, exceeding the previous five years total, combined! 

Finding the right people and giving them the right messages helped BFG not only reach its goals and break records, but in this case, it helped change lives. To learn more about influencer campaigns, contact us. For more on endorsements, download our eBook, Six Essentials to Endorsements for Brands 2017. 

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