Social Media Glossary: Part 2

iStock-490260171-1.jpgYou’ve discerned how to tell your impressions from your reach, but what about some of the more advanced buzz words you’re bound to run in to when using social media? To help you stay on your game, we’ve developed part two of our basic social media glossary. From algorithm to vlog, these terms delve a little further into popular keywords and slang used by seasoned social media users.

Algorithm n. – a set of rules or calculations that prioritize what you see on social media. Algorithms are formulated based on user behaviors, such as: clicks, likes, reposts, searches, etc. Formulas differ between platforms, but exist on the majority of social media sites.

Clickbait n. – a post with a sensationalized headline that entices the reader to click through to an article or story. These types of posts are typically misleading, as the goal is to reach as many clicks as possible.

Direct Message (DM) n. – also known as a personal message (PM). A message sent between users or a group of users that is not visible to others outside of the conversation.

Feed n. – also known as “News Feed” on Facebook and “Twitter Feed” Twitter. The stream of posts and updates from people you follow on your homepage. Can also include promoted ads on occasion.

HTML n. – short for hypertext markup language. HTML is basically a language for web pages, as it’s the code used to build them. Many content creation sites offer options for you to create web pages using their easy-to-use development system or through HTML coding if you’re more experienced.

Mention v. – to tag someone in your post by using their handle. On Twitter, use their twitter handle. On Facebook, simply type “@”, begin typing their name then select the user you want to tag. This offers people who see the post a direct link to the mentioned profile. 

Newsjacking v. – when a brand inserts themselves into the conversation of a breaking story or trending topic. On social media, this usually involves using a trending keyword or hashtag in a post. Newsjacking can be tricky because it’s important to insert yourself into the right story at the right time.  

SEO n. – short for search engine optimization. This involves free tactics used to help your website organically appear higher in search engine results.

Troll n. – someone who involves themselves in a conversation on social media for the sole purpose of provoking someone. Often trolls will respond to posts or post their own inflammatory comments just to get others talking.

Vlog n. – a video blog. If a blog is a website log that’s regularly update, then a vlog is a similar way of posting content, but primarily using video. 

There are still dozens, maybe hundreds, of terms we could delve in to, but these are another step towards mastering the basics of social media. The ever-changing nature of social media promises evolving trends and more ways to connect, but these terms will still prove valuable.

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