SEO 101: The Basics You Need to Know for 2017

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Believe it or not, search engines are evolving and getting smarter as time goes on. Creepy right? For search engines, it's no longer just about keywords as they are beginning to understand user's intent when they are searching. Adjusting to this behavior could make all the difference for your business in the next year. 

Now that search engines care about more than just keywords, what's important?

According to HubSpot, the #1 SEO ranking factor is mobile-friendliness. Search engines are used to find answers, not just the correct ones, but the ones that can be provided the fastest. However, this doesn't mean that keywords are no longer important! Keywords are still very important to have to increase SEO, but there are now other factors that are becoming increasingly important as well.

You need to start local to be national or even international. 

Having a strong local online presence is still critical to being search engine optimized. Now that you know that, the questions becomes, what is the best way to do this? Being listed in the local pages is one of the best ways to have a local presense. This is especially true for sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Some other sites include Yelp, Yellow Pages and Angie's List. Before you start registering your business on these sites, check to see if it is already registered as sometimes these sites may find your business automatically.

The "S" in SEO doesn't stand for secure, but it could.

We all know that Google is the king of search engines and since Google prefers extra site security, it's not a bad idea to give it to them! Obviously not all websites should have this. HTTPS is meant specifically for sites that collect sensitive information from users such as credit cards, etc. However, other than extra site security, it provides a small SEO boost.

Use this information to stay up-to-date on the SEO basics heading into 2017 and ensure maximum online exposure for your business.

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