Prioritizing your brand touchpoints

Brand TouchpointsAfter you’ve got your brand locked in and personas developed, it’s time to communicate. The ways you share your brand message with an audience are called touchpoints. There are literally (shoutout Chris Traeger) dozens of them from digital to in-person, paid, earned, owned, visual and so on. Picking which ones to focus on and put your resources behind is important. Here's three things to consider:


Depending on your brand, a unique message about who you are and what you stand for, it can lead you towards one group of touchpoints over another. Some brands are going to be more natural on digital channels, others can be heavily or even exclusively in-person and face-to-face.

Example: Your brand message is about being humble and hard-working. Show it through earned media (third party validation helps build credibility) and in-person by highlighting your staff’s work, skills or craftsmanship in your location.


Your persona research should have pointed out crucial info about your clients and prospects. This can provide valuable clues on where, when and how they like to get content. If they read often, write; if they watch videos, make them; if they go to your location a lot, make it awesome.

Example: Your personas are mostly Gen Z and Millennial, tech savvy and trend focused. Digital is going to be big for you as they may follow you online and go to your website, but not visit your brick & mortar locations often.


Some industries are going to naturally lean towards one area or another. Tech is naturally online a lot. Fashion is also online, but still in-person and event-focused. If everyone in your industry is communicating their brand in the same places, it can be hard for you to break through so your messages have to be really unique.

Example: You’re a local business with one location and not much online presence. Your store design, location, signage and staff – from how they act to how they dress – are probably the top priorities for you. Tweet when you can, but it’s probably not as big of a difference-maker as the aforementioned touchpoints.

Don’t put all your efforts on one touchpoint and don’t spread all your resources evenly. Find the mix that works for you. Don’t be afraid to put 80% of your eggs in 20% of the baskets. 

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