Newsjacking: The Essential Preparation Guide

October 11, 2017 / by Lucas Wiseman

CHARGE_eBook_Newsjacking.jpgHave you ever been sitting at home watching a major event when a significant newsworthy moment happens? Most of us turn to social media to see what other people are saying about what happened so we can become more informed and join the conversation.

You refresh your Twitter account or click on a relevant hashtag and suddenly there’s a brand, like Oreo cookies, that has posted content tying their product to the newsworthy event.

We’ll get to some more examples later, but what just happened was that brand just “newsjacked” this emerging event and because of that, you were exposed to their brand.

We like to call it riding the wave of popularity. And it’s not just newsjacking on social media, it’s also using the news media to amplify a brand by capitalizing on these opportunities.

When the media gets hot on a trending story, they are often looking for experts to weigh in on the topic. That desire to interview experts for news articles, TV shows, radio shows, etc., presents an opportunity for those who can be quick to the punch.

In this eBook, we will walk you through understanding the timeline of newsjacking (sometimes referred to as trendjacking), while also giving you advice on how to prepare in advance so you can strike when the iron is hot.

We’ll also provide you with some good and bad examples of how other brands have used newsjacking so you can see what has worked and what has been disastrous for some brands.

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