Maintaining Your Personal Brand: The Cardale Jones Example

October 6, 2017 / by Ryan Gazdacka

iStock-182670281.jpgYour personal brand is a sensitive thing. You can spend years building up your personal brand, but just like when you look at reviews online, the negative ones stick out a lot more than the positive. If you have a moment of weakness and go against your personal brand, it takes hard work to change that narrative and get back to having a positive personal brand. 

"We ain't come here to play school." This was said by Cardale Jones while he was the quarterback at Ohio State University. Prior to graduating, he entered the NFL Draft and was selected in the 4th round by the Buffalo Bills. This past weekend, Cardale went viral when he "played school" and graduated from college. No one expected him to finish his degree because of what he said two years ago and because he has spent the last year in the NFL. 

Getting a college degree was the best thing Cardale Jones could have done to help his personal brand. If he just said, “I didn’t mean that and college degrees are important” then he wouldn’t have been taken as seriously. Actions speak louder than words, and the fact that he quietly got his degree without media attention shows that he was serious about getting his degree.

It took getting a college degree for Cardale Jones to right the ship from saying “we ain’t come here to play school.” Once you get an understanding of your personal brand, you need to keep solidifying that brand through your speech and actions. If you happen to slip up, the public can take notice and it can take a lot of hard work and effort to regain the public’s perception of you.

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