Leveraging your blog to generate media hits

Blog for mediaSpending time writing content for your website’s blog can be a great way to share your knowledge with current or potential customers, especially if you have a finely tuned content marketing strategy. But how can you get more return on investment on your time spent blog writing?

Using public relations to amplify the reach of the ideas in your blog can be a valuable way to generate even more buzz and value out of the content you create.

Keep in mind, not every blog you write will be a great fit to pitch to the media, but if you can identify the right topics and the right media outlets, the results can be valuable.

Let’s face it, the media you are pitching may have no idea who you are or what your company does. But if you can include a link that shows you are a thought leader in a specific area of expertise and they can read some of that thought leadership easily, you already have a leg up on the competition looking to generate the same coverage.

The media like to be assured you are knowledgeable before they interview you, something a blog can accomplish quickly. The bottom line is your blog can lend you credibility.

Linking to your blog also allows your pitches to the media to be shorter (always a good thing) and reference a longer piece of content they can consume if they are interested. Media members are busy, and they receive dozens and dozens of pitches each day. Anything you can do to shorten your email to them may help you get results.

Assuming you are successful in generating a media hit from your blog content, those media hits can create invaluable third-party credibility. Plus, often the content lives on forever on the media outlet’s website.

Taking a few minutes to amplify your blog posts through the media can yield big dividends. If you are interested in this strategy or have any questions, feel free to email lwiseman@chargegf.com or get started by downloading our newsjacking eBook.

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