Improving Your Lead Generation: Part 2

iStock-857615704.jpgLet’s say you just managed a successful event at a trade show and collected more leads than you ever could have expected. You made sure to have great pre-event content and gave potential clients/customers/fans an interesting and interactive experience along with a killer premium gift. Congrats! But what do you do now? 

While attending a race weekend recently, I found myself wandering through the midway, looking at multiple sponsor activation spaces. I was stopped by a brand ambassador for a major auto brand, who directed me towards their vehicle display. The personal invitation was the initial pull for me to check out the display, but what she said sold me- “if you just sign up, we’ll give you a t-shirt!” Ok, I’m in. I’m a sucker for a free t-shirt (but who isn’t?). I filled out a detailed survey, received my t-shirt and went on my merry way. 

At 7:30 AM the next day I received an e-mail from a salesperson at the nearest dealership to the address I gave in the survey the day before. The note included information on the vehicle models I said I was interested in as well as the salesperson’s contact information and an invitation to make an appointment. If I was interested in purchasing a car, there’s a good chance I would have contacted him.

Here are 3 critical components to following-up with a lead:   

  1. Timing

    I received that first e-mail within 16 hours of when I received my t-shirt. The salesperson knew that it would be top-of-mind for me and seamlessly connected my racetrack experience to the showroom product.

    Additionally, the salesperson and national brand e-mail list I was added to didn’t hit me over the head with e-mails every single day. I continue to receive about one e-mail a week, making me far less likely to hit “unsubscribe.”
  2. Specific Call-to-Action

    The follow-up needs to have a clear call-to-action. What are you trying to accomplish by reaching out to your leads? Be specific in what you ask for and offer the lead, avoiding phrases like “for more information” and “to learn more.” 
  3. Consistent Messaging

    Create a cohesive presentation that ties back to the initial contact. Consistent messaging in-person and in the follow-up, fortifies the lead’s understanding of your brand. 

When it comes to lead-generation, how you follow up is as important as the initial connection. Be timely, spur action and stay consistent in your message.

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