How to make your event VIP

How to make your event VIPIn our everyday lives we are filled with companies constantly offering us VIP reward programs for buying gas, coffee and even groceries. These are all based on the premise that deep down inside we all like to feel just a little bit different than everyone else (even if we are not). The chance to have that VIP feeling is what most consumers want, but how event planners provide these types of experiences can differ greatly. Take a look at 3 ways you can keep your attendees having that VIP feeling.

Stand out from the crowd

When you think hospitality and VIP events, an important factor is seating elevation and there are two ways to look at it. Option 1, you can give VIP’s the ground floor to be super close to the action with the other attendees clearly behind you. This is like getting a private tour while the rest of the tour group is behind the glass wall wondering how you got in there. Option 2, is a skybox approach. People watching is one of the most entertaining things to do at a VIP type event. The easiest way to allow your VIPs to do that is to provide them with an elevated view point. Think about suites at a stadium, you get to look down at all the minions beneath you as if you are looking down from heaven. The key is allowing your guests to feel as if they are standing out from the general public.  Both options can provide a private area, just know your event layout and site lines to figure out which option works best in your venue. 

Eliminate issues

Is parking a problem? Provide valet or shuttles. No one likes lines, how about that private VIP entrance that is over staffed so there is never a line? Speaking of lines, get rid of them all. That means more restrooms, more bartenders, more security guards. A great mentor of mine once said, just because you have a crowded event doesn’t mean you get an excuse for your customers to wait in line. VIP’s need to feel hassle free. Think of every issue or frustration you have had at an event when you were just a general admission attendee and look for a solution. Oh, and please no standard port-a-johns!

VIP within the VIP

Yes, we are talking about applying a little event inception here for your guests. However, we are not talking about special roped areas inside another roped off area. Create different experiences inside a VIP area. One hospitality set-up can offer several different looks and feels from sports bars, to a swanky lounge, to immersive experiences filled with culinary samples from around the globe. The key here is don't just slap some fancy furniture and a cool bar into an area and call it VIP. Offer your guests several options of not just great food and beverages, but of look and feel. 

Just remember the next time you are planning a VIP area within an event or a complete VIP event that “good times become good memories and bad times become good lessons.” Learn from your personal bad times and create something your guests will turn into a great memory!

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