How a marketing consultant can help

How a consultant helpsIn part 1 of this blog series, we discussed some indicators that can help companies determine whether they should hire a marketing consultant. Now, we take a look at some important things to identify in vetting out a consultant and what they can provide.

What consultant is right for you?

Even if companies and decision-makers experience the issues mentioned in our previous blog, they may not be resolved if they don’t find the right fit in a consultant. Workload capacity, budget and time frame are some important factors to consider when looking to add a consultant, but ultimately the most important thing is believing that the consultant you choose can help you with your problem. 

If you are experiencing any of the issues we talked about previously, you should get over those fears of hiring a marketing consultant and do your homework on agencies that can assist you in reaching your goals. I was reminded recently of a quote from Will Smith and it sums up why I believe companies should explore the route of hiring not only marketing consultants, but consultants for any part of their business they may be struggling with. The quote is, “on the other side of your maximum fear are all the best things in life.” It can be a tough thing to bring in an outsider to pick apart at what you worked so hard to create. But, if you do your due diligence in finding the right fit for your company, on the other side may lie results you only dreamed of.

What can a marketing consultant provide?

Before we identify some common problems that may lead you to explore hiring a marketing consultant, it’s important to first understand what a marketing consultant can provide.

First, they can provide an outside perspective. Marketers work hard to develop and implement their strategies, but sometimes there’s something to be said for getting a fresh perspective. While there might be some consultants that specialize in one niche industry, most consultants have had clients across different industries and implementing a new strategy that has thrived in a different industry could be the difference in reaching a company’s goals.

Second, consultants are experts in their field. The easiest way to describe this is if you had to have any type of surgery, you would want to use a surgeon that is experienced in that specific area of need, right? The same goes with marketing consulting. If your company was struggling with messaging through social media, you would look to hire a company that has experience in social media marketing – you wouldn’t want to use company that specializes in designing websites.

Third, consultants can provide flexibility. If a company is exploring whether to add full-time staff or add a consultant, a consultant can come in for a short time commitment to bridge the gap and still provide excellent results. For example, if there’s seasonal marketing campaigns or any short-term marketing campaigns, consultants can do their job and then leave at the end with no questions asked.

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