Guest Blog: What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

October 6, 2017 / by Suzy Niemann

Kawann ShortImagine you are at an awards ceremony, and you see a man walk in the door in a black button up, black jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. You, meanwhile, are dressed in a tuxedo, standing next to your date, who is wearing a long cocktail dress. You look around the room to see what everyone else is wearing, wondering if it is you or he who is out of place. When you notice that everyone else is dressed in formal attire, you breath an internal sigh of relief, then wonder, “what in the world that guy is thinking?”

Every day, we make instantaneous decisions regarding who we think people are based on how they look. That guy who walked into the awards ceremony? Maybe you thought he was “too cool for school.” Maybe you thought he was a total novice and unaware of appropriate dress.

Regardless, remember that people are making those inferences about you every day. This should not be threatening, but empowering. Clothes give you the power to express yourself without saying a word. What do you want that message to be? And what is the best way to deliver it? 

Seek the advice of a trusted friend or professional. Every man should have a handful of wardrobe basics in his closet that can work for multiple occasions.

Wardrobe 1.0: A great fitting suit, blazer, slim jeans, 5-pocket twill pants, a fitted button up (white/blue), brown dress shoes and matching belt. 

Wardrobe 2.0: On-trend sneakers, bomber jacket, slim sweater, patterned button-up, black or dark grey slim jeans, slim charcoal or black dress pants.

How do you take it to the next level? Tailoring. Proper tailoring of your clothing is the most efficient and simple way to take your clothes from blah to incredible.

This was a guest post by Suzy Niemann, co- founder and stylist of AZSN Studio. Thank you to Suzy for sharing her thoughts with us! Want to know more? Send her a note at [email protected].

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