Four Tips to Land Your Client a Guest Interview on a Podcast

October 18, 2017 / by Ryan Gazdacka

iStock-477339606.jpgAn estimated 57 million people listen to podcasts, and with over 250,000 different podcasts to choose from, there is a topic that everyone can enjoy.

Podcasts range from successful companies like The New York Times, NPR and ESPN to two friends podcasting in their apartment. Appearing on a podcast is an easy and affordable way to branch out from traditional media exposure.

Here are four simple tips to land your client a guest interview on podcasts.

Feel the vibe

You want to do your research on the podcast before you send an email. Give a few episodes a quick 10-minute listen to understand the personality of the hosts and to see if your client would be a good fit to be a potential guest.

Be relevant

Think about how your client would handle a situation if the host asks them about a certain topic. Don’t pitch a podcast that your client isn’t an expert or well-versed in. It will not only make the podcast look bad, but it will set up your client for failure and make them seem uneducated.

What’s in it for them?

Why would the podcast want your client on? Simple answer – to have more people listen. Make sure to explain in your pitch how having your client as a guest on the podcast would attract more ears and earn more downloads.

Reach out

Any podcast will have between one and three shows per week. Interviews with guests usually last from 15-to-30 minutes, so having a guest on isn’t as much of a time commitment as a journalist running an article on them in traditional media. Keep the email short, say what you enjoyed about a recent episode and explain how your client can contribute to their podcast for a certain show.

The competition is high. Top 10 lists are constantly changing, so podcasts are looking to continually climb the charts and get more subscribers. Having an interesting and unique guest on can help boost ratings. Use these tips to help your podcast pitching and get your clients on this growing media platform.

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