Four Steps to Make Your Press Releases More Effective

October 11, 2017 / by Lucas Wiseman

man-hands-reading-boy.jpgPress releases can be a great way to get out information about your company, from announcing new products to celebrating successes, telling the world what you are up to is an important key to living outside the silo of your company.

We’ve put together four easy steps that can help any press release become more effective:

Make it turn-key: The goal with any press release should be that it is so well written that a reporter could publish it word-for-word or so they could pull pieces and put it in their own story. Follow Associated Press style, make sure you spell check and use perfect grammar.

Keep it concise: Some reporters, editors and producers receive dozens of press releases a week, and they won’t spend much time reading yours. Get straight to the point in the first paragraph and aim to limit the press release to one page.

Include contact information: This may seem basic, but make sure your contact information is included in the press release. And more importantly, don’t send a press release before you are headed out of the office. Be available to answer follow-up questions immediately so you don’t miss out on an opportunity.

Headlines matters most: The headline of your press release will also likely be the subject line of your email. This is your first, and sometimes only, chance to get them interested in the story. You should spend as much time making the headline sing as you do the body of the press release.

So now that you’ve crafted the perfectly written press release, what’s next? Reaching out to the media. Learn how to put those skills to work with our Newjacking eBook, which will teach you when (and when not) to join the media conversation.  

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