Standing Out From the Crowd: Defining Personal Brands in the NFL

October 6, 2017 / by Ken Ungar

In sports, few brands are as hot as the National Football League (NFL). The NFL brand stands for many things including exciting on-field moments, city-to-city rivalries and Sunday tailgating with family and friends.Brand_Banner.jpg

Of course, people have brands, too. So, when Capital Sports Advisors (CSA), a leading NFL agency, was looking for ways to elevate the brands of their NFL player clients, their search led them to our personal branding process for athletes and celebrities.

Personal branding for athletes and celebrities ranges from the basics to sophisticated, integrated campaigns. For basic branding, we recommend resources like our book, Ahead of the Game: What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Sports Business, or articles like those found on  Beyond the basics, a celebrity brand should be built through media training, social media management and strategic endorsement opportunities. We’ll be helping CSA players in these ways. However, CSA wanted a way to further highlight the brands of athletes who spend several hours a week with helmets that separate their persona from millions of NFL fans. Our BrandMe™ and Game Time Strategy™ processes help clients' brands stand out from the crowd. 

The first CSA client to participate in this agency’s new program is Cleveland Browns Tight-End Gary Barnidge. Many fans know Gary as one of the hottest players in fantasy football with his outstanding 2015 season. However, Gary is more than just a high volume yard producer on Sundays. Fans will soon learn about what Gary stands for, what his brand is, and what things are important to him, like the charity American Football Without Barriers that he co-founded.

If you want to make a personal brand stand out, contact Ken Ungar or download our eBook, A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand. 

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