Content to follow your branding

Content after brandingPreviously, we’ve talked about branding before content. Diving straight into content such as blogs, eBooks, social media, videos, etc., without having a fully-developed and defined brand is like decorating a Christmas tree without the tree.

Your brand needs to be reflected in everything you do since it is the heart and soul of your business and differentiates you from your competitors.

Content is a tool to communicate your brand, who you are and what you’re about. In many organizations, there is a disconnect between the two. Especially when you have multiple people within the company publishing outward-facing content, the key to keeping your brand and content aligned lies within the brand message.

Having a strong and consistent brand message throughout all of your content, allows you to control what information you portray to your audience and stay true to your brand.

When you’re ready to focus on your content that will be built around your brand, keep these things in mind:


Part of developing your brand includes identifying personas. However, each content piece that you publish should be geared around at least one of your personas. Ask yourself:

  • Does this solve a problem for my persona?
  • Is this unique to my persona?
  • Would my persona find this valuable?

If the answer to all of these questions isn’t a resounding yes, then your content isn’t aligned with your brand and will end up hurting it in the long run.


Just because you have an established brand, doesn’t mean your content will just automatically reach your target audience and give you a good return on investment. Experiment with how and when you are distributing content to your target audience. If you’re still not getting the results you were looking for, experiment with the types of content you are pushing out. For example, instead of posting a traditional blog, try a video blog to see if that clicks with your audience.

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