Building a brand in PyeongChang

Building a brand in PyeongChangThe PyeongChang opening ceremony is tomorrow, and never before have these athletes’ personal brands been so important. Hundreds of athletes will compete on the international stage, but their activities off the field will be just as important to their future as their medal count will.

Director of Brand Strategy Jesse Ghiorzi and Sr. Manager of Content Marketing Rebekah Meyer chat about 3 athletes who have been making smart marketing moves and who they predict will make a name for themselves this winter. 

Chloe Kim

The 17-year-old snowboard phenom is not only a medal contender, but an Instagram icon. Jesse and Rebekah discuss the importance of finding fan connection through your off-time interests.

Elana Meyers Taylor

Enthusiasm and drive are the first thing you notice about Elana Meyers Taylor. Always on the cutting edge, the bobsledder impresses Rebekah with her impeccable sense of timing. 

Adam Rippon

A dry wit and authenticity set figure skater Adam Rippon apart. It may have been his fashion sense that drew blazer-aficionado Jesse in, but it was Rippon’s belief in being “unapologetically himself” that garnered him a new fan.

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