Brand first, then content

Brand, then contentBrand first, then go. We say that a lot around here because we believe it’s the best way to market a person, company or product. If you dive right into content – blogs, videos, ebooks and the like – without the foundation of a brand, it’s like decorating a Christmas tree without the tree.

What’s a brand?

A brand is a unique message about who you are and what you stand for. It’s what people think of when they think of your company. A brand differentiates you from your competitors in an authentic and unique way. As people get hit with 10,000 messages a day (look it up), your brand is the reason people will remember – or forget – you. It’s that important, so don’t skip this step and jump into content or your audience will skip past you and jump into your competitors’ arms. 

Why does it come first?

You hope the audience you want to reach reads all of your content – subscribes to your newsletter, downloads white papers and follows every social account you have. But in reality, your perfect prospect may only read one blog or see one tweet. If that message is off-brand, this dream client will get the wrong idea about who you are and what you stand for. Consistency is so important in marketing to ensure your brand sticks with clients and touches prospects in a way that makes them want to buy. 

Establishing a brand and the core messaging around that gives you a north star to guide your content. It helps ensure you say the right thing every time, so no matter the time or place people come across your content, they’ll get the message you want them to have.

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