B2B beyond hospitality in motorsports

B2B beyond hospitalityOne of the reasons why motorsports is attractive to such an array of brands from different market segments is the sheer entertainment factor that the sport offers. This past week, we activated one of our clients at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California during the IMSA Sports Car weekend. 

If you have ever been to Laguna Seca you would know that the views are amazing, and the property has virtually unlimited entertainment options which our client took full advantage of. They hosted guests from all over the country, treating each guest to an unforgettable experience. Although the hospitality was an important component of the weekend programming, it was only one of many touchpoints.

Now, since this blog is titled “Beyond Hospitality”, we’ll take a look at what a few other B2B opportunities are out there for brands to leverage in motorsports. 

Ride & Drive

I think we would all agree that the racetrack is the ultimate proving grounds for vehicles. Many technical and safety advances in road vehicles today have come from the racetrack and during development, I am willing to bet that most road vehicles spent time on a racetrack.  How does a B2B outing at your local track sound? It may be more viable than you think.

Many racetracks offer track time that is available for rent in half or full day increments depending on your need. Typically, racetracks have turnkey packages that include everything you would need to offer a ride & drive such as track time, safety workers and catering. Even if your brand isn’t an auto-related, many racetracks even have vehicles available for you and your guests to drive.

Driving School

Let’s face it, many of us think we can drive, but do we drive well? How about safe and fast? Well, racetracks across the country offer corporate driving school days where you and your guests have access to instructors to learn the art of driving. These driving school days typically are single day events, but multi-day events to earn racing licenses are available in some markets.

A day of competitive driving can lay the foundation of a long-term B2B relationship. Whether it’s a prospective buyer or vendor, a corporate driving school is an opportunity that only a few take advantage of. Not only will you sharpen your driving skills for the racetrack, but you will also become a more well-rounded driver on the roads.

Our team at CHARGE has worked with racetracks and properties all over the United States. Many of us have managed and participated in ride & drives and schools, so if this is something that you think may align with your B2B strategy, feel free to reach out and we will point you in the right direction.

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