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As the senior manager of content marketing for CHARGE, Rebekah Meyer leads the content marketing team, providing consulting internally and externally on areas such as content creation, SEO and content strategy. Meyer previously worked for Interactive Intelligence as the manager of content strategy, where she guided all content marketing, created an in-depth B2B generation library, coordinated SEO strategy, and managed the use of content marketing across web, email, print events and ads. Before coming to Indianapolis, she worked at an SEO agency and in the newspaper business. Meyer got her start in sports as an intern with the United States Olympic Committee, working as a media intern with U.S. Figure Skating. Meyer graduated from Ball State University with a degree in journalism.
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Esports, Sports Business

Experts: "Unreachable" audience a huge draw for esports

How do you reach the unreachable audience? How do you sell to the ad-blockers, the cord-cutters and the marketing-redefining millennials?  

Welcome to esports.

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Consulting, Content Marketing

The cost of silence in health care client communication

The health care industry is facing a patient loyalty problem. 

According to a study, only 4% of complaints about doctors in online reviews were actually about the health care received. The remaining 96% were about customer service. Poor communication was the biggest problem, racking up 53% of complaints. 

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Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media

What is Content Marketing?

As buzzwords go, content marketing has been reigning over the marketing world for a while now.

My bet is that is because any new ideas can be rolled into the huge, undifferentiated mass that is content marketing. Sure, ebooks and blog posts are obvious, but email nurture? Yep, that’s creating content to be sent via email. Social? Absolutely- just little bits of content sent hourly. You think we can’t claim events? Try creating a successful booth without designers and writers. Content marketing can grow to encompass anything, because all of marketing needs words or pictures (or both). All roads lead to Oz. 

That breadth is also what makes content marketing tough to nail down. When content means everything, then it functionally means nothing.

Let’s strip it back down.

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Consulting, SEO, Small Business

How to Build an SEO Budget for your Small Business

SEO is a complicated topic to understand, much less to budget for. Good budgets should be based on more than a shot in the dark, but if you’re not familiar with the area, how can you make informed projections?

Of course, there is no one answer for every situation, but there are a few levels of SEO work that cover most small businesses. These projections should let you know if you’re getting a decent deal. A higher price tag may also not be a deal breaker- many SEO companies can charge more, because they have a long history of proving Returns on Investment.

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Content Marketing, SEO, Small Business

SEO FAQ: A shortcut to sounding smart about SEO

Have you always heard that websites need to do SEO, but never understood the specifics? Want to be ready the next time your boss asks about SEO out of the blue? Here is a high-level look at what all of this SEO talk means.

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Consulting, Content Marketing

Debunking Four Blogging Myths

In a post- “capital-C Content” world, everyone blogs. Or, more accurately, everyone feels the vague paranoia that they should be blogging more than they are. But it’s tough to know when and how and what to do. Agencies love offering advice (on their own optimized blogs, of course), but the search for a simple answer has ended up with true, legitimate data that ends up being generic to the point of uselessness. Any of these things are useful in the abstract, but no help whatsoever once it filters down to your actions.

Let’s talk through some of those myths and turn them into better advice.

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