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Apr 03. 2018

Leveraging your blog to generate media hits

Spending time writing content for your website’s blog can be a great way to share your knowledge with current or potential customers, especially ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Mar 08. 2018

Three of the most important words to use in a tough or misleading interview are “I don’t know.” 

author: Lucas Wiseman

PR Media Relations
Feb 20. 2018

Using media relations to amplify your brand

You or your business are doing great things – you’re the best at what you do, and your customers love you. But you just wish more people had ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Social Media PR
Jan 11. 2018

Three examples of newsjacking done right

In a recent blog, we gave three of examples of newsjacking, the art of latching on to an emerging ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations PR
Dec 26. 2017

3 Reasons Earned Media is More Important Than Ever

As we look forward toward 2018, we at CHARGE wanted to look back at some of the best advice, insights and ideas from the last year. This ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

PR Social Media
Dec 12. 2017

Three examples of newsjacking gone bad

Newsjacking, the art of latching on to an emerging trending story, can be a powerful tool in generating coverage of yourself, your business or ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations PR
Nov 14. 2017

How to build a media list for free

Most agencies that provide public relations services subscribe to software that gives them access to a comprehensive database of all members of ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations Media Training PR
Oct 03. 2017

How to follow up when courting the media

So, you’ve sent out a press release or a pitch to the media and you know it’s a story they will want to do. You’ve

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations PR Media Training
Sep 26. 2017

How to know if your news is actually newsworthy

This scenario happens all the time - your company has what you think is big news to announce so you draft a press release, send it to the media ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations PR Media Training
Sep 07. 2017

Why Editorial Context Matters in Public Relations

When trying to get the media to do stories on your business (or your client if you work at an agency), the best path to success is developing a ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Content Marketing PR Consulting
Aug 17. 2017

Building Credibility Through Contributed Content

Success building or growing a business can often be rooted in credibility. You may have the ...

author: Lucas Wiseman

Media Relations PR
Apr 05. 2017

Four Essential Steps for Gaining Exposure Through Newsjacking

The window for newsjacking opens quickly and closes just as quickly. That’s why it is incredibly important to be prepared to take advantage of ...

author: Lucas Wiseman