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Dec 13. 2018

3 sports campaigns motorsports could adopt

Much like any property, motorsports is always looking for that next big thing. It is hoping to ...

author: Kyle Richert

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Sep 13. 2018

B2B beyond hospitality in motorsports

One of the reasons why motorsports is attractive to such an array of brands from different market segments is the sheer entertainment factor ...

author: Kyle Richert

Events Experiential Marketing
Jun 28. 2018

3 Keys to a successful summer event

Here in the Midwest, the winters sometime feel like an eternity, so we always look forward to the time when the cold weather breaks and the ...

author: Kyle Richert

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May 10. 2018

Why brands sponsor

Whether it’s through traditional sales and marketing or through new, innovative tactics like geo-targeted social media promotions, most brands ...

author: Kyle Richert

Motorsports Sponsorships Experiential Marketing
Mar 13. 2018

Maximizing your sponsorship in motorsports

Sponsorships, especially in motorsports, have changed a lot over the past few years. The time when a primary sponsor of a team, car or driver ...

author: Kyle Richert

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Jan 23. 2018

The Rolex 24: Convert your participation to sales

Every January, the greatest drivers in the world flock to

author: Kyle Richert

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Dec 28. 2017

Trends in Motorsports Marketing

As we look forward toward 2018, we at CHARGE wanted to look back at some of the best advice, insights and ideas from the last year. This ...

author: Kyle Richert

Dec 20. 2017

You don’t need a massive marketing budget to make a sponsorship work, but you do need to make sure you’re asking the right questions before investing any time or money.

author: Kyle Richert

Motorsports Sponsorships Sports Business
Nov 20. 2017

Things to consider when investing in motorsports: Part 2

After part 1 was published a few ...

author: Kyle Richert

Consulting Motorsports Sports Business
Oct 24. 2017

Things to consider when investing in motorsports: Part 1

Rule #1. Not all forms of motorsport are created equal. Motorsports are about ...

author: Kyle Richert