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Consulting Experiential Marketing Sponsorships Sports Business
Nov 25. 2019

Evaluating Your Sponsorships: The Basics

Everyone wants to get their money’s worth. Sponsors are no different. They want ...

author: Ken Ungar

Consulting Small Business
Jul 10. 2018

Build and sell credibility in professional services

Many of our SMB (Small & Medium-sized Businesses) clients and colleagues sell professional services. Lawyers, accountants, medical practices ...

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Consulting
Jun 29. 2018

Why be known as a great place to work?

With this year’s historically low unemployment rate, it has become very difficult for companies to fill vacant positions. The challenge of ...

author: Ken Ungar

Sports Business Health
Apr 29. 2018

The Access Strategy: Attracting Patients Using Sports Medicine and Performance

The health care market has never been more competitive.

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Corporate Branding Personal Branding
Feb 21. 2018

The CEO's brand: Five costly mistakes

Successful personal brands generate opportunity and investment in sports and entertainment every day. However, we hear a lot of confusion in ...

author: Ken Ungar

Esports Sponsorships Sports Business
Dec 27. 2017

The Opportunity and Benefit of Collegiate Esports

As we look forward toward 2018, we at CHARGE wanted to look back at some of the best advice, insights and ideas from the last year. This ...

author: Ken Ungar

Events Experiential Marketing
Jun 15. 2017

4 Ways to Measure Successful Experiential Engagements

A great idea shouldn’t define the success of an experiential engagement. Measuring return on investment (ROI) is critical to the ...

author: Ken Ungar

Esports Sports Business
May 25. 2017

Game changer: What the NBA’s move into esports really means

The National Basketball Association’s entrance into esports next year has created a big buzz in the esports world and even generated some ...

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Personal Branding
Apr 19. 2017

5 Tips for Developing Your Personal Brand in 5 Minutes

You control your brand with the decisions you make, your interactions with others and values you represent. People support or disprove of you ...

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Consulting Sports Business Personal Branding
Dec 14. 2016

Off-The-Field Money: Three Insider Tips for NFL Draftees

If it’s Christmas season, it’s NFL draftee recruitment time. As we crisscross the country ...

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Personal Branding
Nov 02. 2016

4 Ways to Cut Through the Clutter with your Personal Brand

In our last ...

author: Ken Ungar

Branding Sports Business Personal Branding Social Media
Aug 04. 2016

Three Ways for Olympians to Medal in Athlete Marketing

Every four years, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games produce memorable stories of athlete achievement, and a great performance often will ...

author: Ken Ungar