Amplifying Your Content With Social Media Advertising

twitter-292988_1920.jpgYou see it all the time when scrolling through your social media: an ad for a service you’ve recently searched for or a car that you’ve thought about buying. You wonder, “How does the internet know what I want?”. The most likely answer is that you’re the target audience for the ad you're seeing. Heck, you might have even been on a car manufacturer's website recently and shown the digital world that you’re interested in buying a car. Because of this, you’re a perfect target for social media advertising. But what is it?

A social media ad is any kind of paid content on any social media channel. An ad can range from one promoted post to a full-blown advertising campaign with a major budget attached to it. 

So, you’ve got a good handle on what social advertising is, but why does it matter? Because your competitors are likely in on it. In 2016 alone, social media ad spending was $31 BILLION! Don’t let your competitors corner your market; get in and get your message out there.

Before you get started, beware that when it comes to creating a social media ad, there are a plethora of social media sites to choose from. Some of the more popular sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Choosing which site you want to advertise on is no easy task.

The best place to start is by asking yourself a few questions.

Who am I trying to reach?

Most importantly, consider your audience. If your target audience is middle-aged business professionals, you should probably advertise on LinkedIn. If you're trying to reach female high school or college students, Instagram is probably your best bet.

How focused do I need to be?

Also, keep in consideration the size of your audience. Are you trying to reach as many people as possible or engage with a specific set of people? Doing this will help you determine not only what social media site you should advertise on, but also what type of ad you should invest your money in. 

To help you decide where you should spend your advertising money, a few additional resources are listed below.

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Now that you've figured out where you want to advertise, reach out to me at to build the rest of your social media advertising strategy.

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