A branding strategy for every budget

iStock-509484358.jpgWhether a company is a week-old startup or a Fortune 500, every company needs a brand to help define what it is and what it stands for. It’s a simple message that will automatically come to mind when customers hear the business’s name.

A brand is the best way to differentiate from competition and build a strong connection with current and future customers. Companies come in all different shapes and sizes, so the budget for branding is always different. Here’s what you’ll get for every budget size.


  • Reflect on your company and ask questions. What do you want your company to be remembered for? When people think of your company, what do you want them to think? Ask questions like these to people who know your company, employees and customers. Your brand is only effective if your customers perceive your company the same way you do.
  • Create social media accounts. It costs nothing to create social media accounts for your business. You might not need an Instagram profile for your company, but most companies should have at least a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. Having a social media presence is vital for the growth of a company, so make sure you can secure appropriate handle names.
  • Search the internet. A quick Google search for how to market your brand for free will give you endless information and blogs like this one. The best resources that we’ve found are from websites like HubSpot and Entrepreneur.

Under $1,000

  • Targeted social media ads. There are thousands of options on the type of people you can target on social media. You can create your own post showing your product or service and get it in front of your audience without wasting time or money on uninterested people. There are resources like sproutsocial, Hootsuite and our blog to help make sure you advertise appropriately.
  • Your logo is not your brand, but it is a touchpoint of your brand. There are countless services that can design a solid logo, just make sure to convey what your brand is to the designer, so they can integrate it within the logo.
  • Customer survey. If you are an established company with a good customer base, you can design and create a survey to send out to get the opinions of customers on your brand. Websites like SurveyMonkey are easy and free to use. It’s important to make sure your customers opinions align with your brand, and if they don’t, your company’s brand message isn’t consistent throughout every touchpoint.

Under $10,000

  • Identify personas. Your personas are your ideal clients. Nailing down your target audience and ideal customers will help you develop a brand that attracts the right people to your company.
  • Hire an agency to help for a specific event or opportunity. If you have a specific occasion that’s coming up, consider hiring an agency to help with marketing it to current and future customers in a way that aligns with your brand.
  • Invest back in the company and employees. A core part of your company’s brand is its values. It’s crucial for employees to embody these values since they are basically a compass that gives your company a good direction. Invest into the company culture and your employees to help solidify your values and brand.

Under $100,000

  • Hire an agency. Having trouble finding an authentic, simple brand for your company? Hire an agency to do the heavy lifting for you. Core values, mission statements, taglines, etc. will all be determined by the agency on record.
  • SEO Optimization. With so much competition, it’s important to maximize your search engine optimization. When people search online for services or goods your company provides, getting on the front page of searches is critical for growth and brand awareness.
  • Hire a professional to design and develop your website. If you can afford to have a professional design your website, it will make it look a lot cleaner and user-friendly. If a website is confusing or slow to load, it can drive potential customers away.

Over $100,000

  • Hire a full-service agency. Hiring a full-service agency encompasses all the previous bullet points and provides you with performance reports and frequent check-ins. Full service agencies define the brand, promote the brand through social and traditional media and help gain new customers in an authentic way.
  • Beef up advertising. Internet, print, radio, television and podcast ads are a great way to promote your brand. A full-service agency can help determine where and when the best company advertisement should be placed and who to place it with. Stay top of mind with customers by effectively advertising.
  • Full rebrand. If you feel like your current company isn’t resonating with customers, you can do a full rebrand. That could mean a combination of a new name, new logo, new slogan and new core values and other touchpoints. You must strategically rebrand your company to reach different personas and grow the company further.

Branding is a vital part of any business plan. It will attract new customers and retain current customers. If you want additional information on branding and how it fits into your company’s budget, you can always email me at rgazdacka@chargegf.com or download our eBook on branding!

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