2017 Top 10 Blogs of the Year

The CHARGE blog was home to nearly 150 posts in 2017. Over that time, we talked about esports, branding, motorsports, social media, key performance indicators, events and much more. As we wrap up the year and go forward into 2018, here are our 10 most-viewed blogs of last year. Maybe you missed some of them, while others are worth a second look. 

How to build a media list for free.jpg

How to build a media list for free

Most agencies that provide public relations services subscribe to software that gives them access to a comprehensive database of all members of the media throughout the country.

These services, such as Cision or Meltwater, can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for very small agencies, in-house public relations professionals or small business owners trying to generate media coverage.


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Amplifying your content with social media advertising
you see it all the time when scrolling through your social media: an ad for a service you’ve recently searched for or a car that you’ve thought about buying. You wonder, “How does the internet know what I want?”. The most likely answer is that you’re the target audience for the ad you're seeing. Heck, you might have even been on a car manufacturer's website recently and shown the digital world that you’re interested in buying a car. Because of this, you’re a perfect target for social media advertising. But what is it?


What's trending in experiential marketing technology

As technology becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that experiential marketing activations are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Technology is a way to exceed consumer expectations while making it easier to produce memorable activations of any size.


SEO 101: The basics you need to know for 2017
Believe it or not, search engines are evolving and getting smarter as time goes on. Creepy right? For search engines, it's no longer just about keywords as they are beginning to understand user's intent when they are searching. Adjusting to this behavior could make all the difference for your business in the next year.

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Guest blog: 3 pieces of advice before launching into a new esports sponsorship
Everyone is going to tell you that the most important component of a successful esports sponsorship is to “be authentic.”

Yes, authenticity is important! And, I promise that is the last time I will mention that word in this post.

Here are three other things (that aren’t the “A” word) to think about when considering inserting your brand into esports.

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Building credibility through contributed content
Success building or growing a business can often be rooted in credibility. You may have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done, but if clients perceive a lack of credibility in the space, your path to success is much longer.

One way to build credibility is the public relations tactic of generating contributed content.

Connecting with motorsports fans.jpg

How drivers and leagues are connecting with motorsports fans
Sports entities are constantly working to keep their fans engaged in their sport by energizing fans in new and unique ways. Now, there are more avenues for fans to follow the sport of racing and their favorite driver off the track than ever before. 

Investing in motorsports.jpg
Things to consider when investing in motorsports: Part 1
Motorsports are about as diverse as movies or esports as in there’s probably something for everyone and it can be complicated for a newcomer. Sure, there’s a driver, an engine, tires, throttle, brake, a winner and a loser, but when deciding what series or form of motorsport to invest your sponsorship dollars in, they’re not all the same. There are a number of things to consider and we’ll get to those later.

Excel for content marketing reporting.gif

Using Excel for content marketing reporting
Content marketing reporting, while a necessity, can often become a snooze-inducing mess of titles and numbers that are hard to understand. Especially if, like many offices, you use Excel as your standard reporting tool.

Stop getting lost in formulas and cells, and use Excel’s expansive capabilities to your advantage. Use these four tips to make your Excel documents more exciting and easier to interpret.

AZSN Studio.jpg

Guest blog: What do your clothes say about you?
Imagine you are at an awards ceremony, and you see a man walk in the door in a black button up, black jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. You, meanwhile, are dressed in a tuxedo, standing next to your date, who is wearing a long cocktail dress. You look around the room to see what everyone else is wearing, wondering if it is you or he who is out of place. When you notice that everyone else is dressed in formal attire, you breath an internal sigh of relief, then wonder, “what in the world that guy is thinking?”


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