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How to Make Sure a Celebrity Endorser is Right for Your Brand

Picking an actress to wear your dress on the red carpet or an athlete to appear in your commercial is no easy task. It requires more research than just picking your favorite or asking a few colleagues who’s trending right now. 

Finding out how relevant a celebrity is among the audience you want to reach is one key to a successful endorsement. But how do you find out if your top pick – or current partner – is the right choice for your company? Thankfully there are a few ways to discover not just who’s more famous, but what ideals they represent, how they make people feel and what demographics they connect with.

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Branding, Sponsorships, Corporate Branding

The Six Essentials to Athlete and Celebrity Endorsement for Brands

Many of us ask friends and family for advice before making a big purchase. Why?  Because we trust their opinion and respect their ability to guide us.

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How to Plan for Your First Meeting with a Potential Sponsor

First impressions are critically important, and that’s especially true when you’re about to meet with a potential sponsor for the first time.

Taking the time to collect your thoughts and put together a strategy for the meeting is crucial. Below are three tips to help you prepare for that initial introduction to a potential sponsor.

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The Most Common Mistake in Sponsorship Sales

Who doesn’t love sponsorship? Sponsors boost consumer loyalty and earn unique exposure. Properties and athletes earn revenue and activate their brands on the sponsor’s dime. This is why our agency is contacted by properties and athletes that are seeking sponsorship and endorsement revenue.


However, about two-thirds of our inquirers have made the same mistake in sponsorship sales. They neglect to define and position their brand.

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Branding, Sponsorships, Personal Branding

When Nice Guys Finish First

Name one negative thing you’ve heard about PGA golfer Jordan Spieth.

Can’t, can you?

Following his 2nd-place finish in the PGA Championship, golf’s 4th and final major of the 2015 season, Spieth took over the number one spot in the world, slipping past Rory McIlroy, and closing the book on one of golf’s finest seasons ever when it comes to major championships.

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The Changing Landscape of Sports Apparel Contracts

One of the most significant storylines in sports business today is the ever changing landscape of sports apparel contracts within professional, collegiate and amateur sports. Each of these distinct levels require varying degrees of commitment for the apparel supplier and are agreed upon to achieve different goals. These deals range from thousands to millions and even billions of dollars.

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