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Ryan Gazdacka is the brand coordinator for CHARGE, LLC. In his role, he assists brand development by defining and growing athlete brands, as well as handling media pitches and social media strategy for CHARGE clients. Prior to joining CHARGE, Gazdacka spent two years working as a collegiate scout, helping high school student-athletes through the recruiting and scholarship process. Gazdacka has completed internships with the Comcast SportsNet Chicago, the Indianapolis Colts and the Augusta GreenJackets, the Single-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Originally from Lake Zurich, Illinois, Gazdacka graduated from Indiana University with a degree in sports marketing and management, a minor in business and a certificate in journalism.
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Branding, Sports Business, Social Media

Three Ways to Increase PGA TV Ratings

With TV ratings being in flux for several sports, golf being one of them, the PGA Tour has worked hard to broaden its audience and appeal to younger fans. 

With The PGA Championship starting up this week, here are three ways we suggest the PGA can pursue this challenge.

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Branding, Personal Branding

Sheryl Sandberg thinks you don’t need a personal brand. Here's why she's wrong.

Whether you think you need it or not, everyone has a personal brand.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, mentioned in an interview (annotated below from The Next Web) that personal brands are not worth building:

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Branding, Personal Branding

Maintaining Your Personal Brand: The Cardale Jones Example

Your personal brand is a sensitive thing. You can spend years building up your personal brand, but just like when you look at reviews online, the negative ones stick out a lot more than the positive. If you have a moment of weakness and go against your personal brand, it takes hard work to change that narrative and get back to having a positive personal brand. 

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Branding, Sports Business, Personal Branding

Four Tips to Land Your Client a Guest Interview on a Podcast

An estimated 57 million people listen to podcasts, and with over 250,000 different podcasts to choose from, there is a topic that everyone can enjoy.

Podcasts range from successful companies like The New York Times, NPR and ESPN to two friends podcasting in their apartment. Appearing on a podcast is an easy and affordable way to branch out from traditional media exposure.

Here are four simple tips to land your client a guest interview on podcasts.

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Branding, Content Marketing, Personal Branding

Four Keys to Telling Memorable Stories About Your Brand

Strong brands have interesting stories behind them, and finishing a story with “you had to be there” should only be acceptable for Neil Armstrong.

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Branding, Personal Branding, Social Media

How to Make Your Social Media Bios Reflect Your Brand

Take a minute to Google your name. What pops up?

First-page results usually show LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and when someone clicks on your social profiles, they should get a clear understanding of your brand and who you are as a person. 

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Three Ways Your Executive Brand Can Improve Your Company

Individuals are not the only ones who benefit from having a strong personal brand. A strong brand can, and should, improve the business you work for.

Here are three ways your personal brand as an executive can improve your company:

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Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media

How to Deal with Negative Comments on Social Media

There are three truths in life: death, taxes and negative comments on social media. 

Social media is the easiest way for the public to communicate their thoughts, and, of course, not every opinion or comment will be positive.

Here are some tips on how to handle negative comments on social media.

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